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“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. At present no public health problems have been associated with the use of pure CBD.” - World Health Organization

CBD Isolate Carrier oil - Medium Chain triglycerides 3000mg of CBD isolate in 60 ml of MCT oil Dosing and administration

Apply topically or ingest orally. Ingesting orally decreases bio availability. Dosing is based on 2-3mg of CBD isolate per KG of body-weight Split the dosing up as needed. Along with ingesting CBD orally, applying CBD oil topically is recommended. Body-weight and length of use effect how long a single bottle will last. Someone who is just introducing CBD to their bodies for the first time will have a bottle that lasts much longer than someone who has already effectively incorporated CBD into their lives. When using CBD our goal is to first introduce it to the body in minimal but yet effective doses. For CBD to have as much value possible, we must be consistent in the administration of it. Although I have no doubt that CBD will bring value to your life, CBD is not the end game or cure all. Our goal is to effectively incorporate as many beneficial habits into our lives as possible. Our success is a series of small decisions, made consistently over time. Just as we use CBD for its benefits, we also need to hydrate, prioritize sleep, engage in physical activity, and exercise our brains. We’re in this together. We love you guys.

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