What's so humble about an acre?

It was 2012 and my husband was being medically retired from the military. We were living in Northern California and knew that this retirement meant we could no longer afford to stay in the state. To be completely honest we were barely surviving with the income we had so moving, even though scary, was our best option. Our home or I should say shack was next to a dilapidated bar, we dealt with rat and flea infestations regularly, and struggled to proved food for our first daughter. One particular memory that will always stay with me was watching my husband trying to get some drunks out of our yard. It resulted in a physical fight and a gun being pulled on us while I was 7 months pregnant with our second daughter. 

While we waited for the retirement to finalize we began looking for homes in Michigan where my husband is originally from. We didn't know  how we were going to do it, just that it needed to happen. One house that stood out to us the most was a ranch home on 52 acres. It was stunning. However, knowing what our income was going to be we thought it would forever be a dream. We trolled the zillow site for months looking for the right home and in September 2012 we moved to Michigan. We stayed with family for a short time until we could afford a rental. Still looking for a home, our dream home was still on the market. Except now the listing stated " will consider dividing property". This meant that the owner was willing to sell the house with a smaller section of the 52 acres. "Could this dream ACTUALLY become a reality?" we thought and in the summer of 2013 we purchased our dream home with 15 acres. It was sureal. For over a year we had been peering into a dream from the tiny screen of an old laptop but now it was in our hands and under our feet. Now a new chapter in our life began.

It was our closing day that Humble Acres began. We had no idea what we were doing just that we wanted live off the land we had just purchased. I ultimately decided to get into textile production. I don't think my husband or myself ever thought this would turn into what it is today. I first started with angora goats and quickly found that I needed wool to blend with it to make a more usable yarn. So I got sheep... and a few more goats... and then some more sheep... LOL I think you can see where this is going. Then in 2016 Humble Acres Yarn was born and our main business Humble Acres began working towards a commercial medical cannabis licence. 

While our small flock of sheep and goats can no longer maintain the demand my shop requires we now use them for educating people on the life of shepherding and wool processing. This past spring was the first of many planned fiber processing classes we will be holding. It allows people to come and see the sheep and goats be sheared, wash and dye raw wool, and really get a feel for who we are and what we do. 

Looking forward we are making plans to expand into hemp textile products as federal laws begin to loosen and the stigma surrounding it begins to fade. Other long term goals include creating a commercial product line of my yarns, real time vitrual dye classes from my studio, as well as my own off site store for locals. And lots lots more!