Posted by Angela on Oct 7th 2019

There's More Than One Way to Dye a Jellyfish

A seemingly simple picture of a lovely Jellyfish drifting in the ocean. The colors are fun and inspiring for someone like me. As a matter of fact this jelly has been a personal favorite of mine to dye and as weird as it may sound even has some memories attached to it. Those I'll save for another day. 

As an artist I'm always looking for inspiration and much of the time my inspiration comes from a single image. Sometimes many different inspirations come from the same image. As is the case of the new Jelly Fam hand dyed yarn. Each new colorway has what I like to call a "mood". Just like the ocean can feel exciting and wide open it can also emit a sense of endless depths of cold darkness. All based on the "mood". 

For my Jelly Fam I wanted to express the moods. Giving each one a different yet fun mood. Now mind you. We almost ALWAYS go for the goofiest names possible for our yarn.

The founding colorway to this hand dyed yarn set is Blue HAHA. The Blue HAHA has had a few different names in the past. It was originally called Mega Flounce. Petty and childish it was first created to mock people that flounce for social media groups. Over time I changed the name to You Jelly? Again, another way to express my childish sense of humor in the world of Social Media. 

If you haven't noticed by now I tend to deal with my emotions through the yarn I dye....

Now it has a new name. Blue HAHA. This time it has no ulterior meaning. Except maybe I laugh-cry when I dye blue colorways. Again that's a story for another day.

My next three colorways have far less exciting stories. Well maybe not Jelly Farts. Jelly Farts is the colorway with solid purple and speckled yellow, blue pink. It was named by our fans during a Friday live show. Yes, we let our customers participate in naming yarn. It's one the perks of being a subscriber. They have a similar sense of humor.

As for Yella Jelly( the yellow solid) and Party Jelly( the pink solid) they got their awesome names on the fly. I figured Yella Jelly was perfect since yellow seems to YELL all the time. Kinda like that friend that talks extremely loud when the get all excited. That's totally what it makes me think of. Party Jelly is more my style. I LOVE pink, but it's gotta be the most obnoxious pink. Kinda like my inner child that laughs at the stupidest jokes and is always ready to party!

I hope you enjoyed this little blurb about our newest colorways. It's always a pleasure sharing a little bit about myself and what goes on in my mind. Be sure to join us on the Humble Acres app. It's FREE and you can find it in the Google Play store or Apple Store.