Posted by Angela on Oct 4th 2019

The social media experiment in the fiber community

It's been several months since the imploding of Ravelry and we are still being attacked for not wanting any part of it. I'll admit I never found the site that interesting or useful. So when I heard about all the drama unfolding I was pretty surprised. Mainly because I didn't realize they had such an extensive forum community. A community that in the end became much to extreme left for my taste.  That's right. I said to extreme left for my taste. 

For those that don't know we are an American business. My husband and I are American citizens. So it's my privilege as an American to choose how I align myself politically. It's a privilege bestowed on EVERY American citizen. It's also my duty as an American citizen to respect the privilege of my fellow Americans. Even the ones at Ravelry( also an American business) I clearly disagree with. 

Unfortunately many of Ravelry's followers don't feel they should respect anyone that has views outside their own. The day Ravelry so proudly proclaimed that " Support for the Trump administration was support for white supremacy" they impowered thousands of left leaning people to embark on a social media war that targeted ANYONE( yes, anyone) that didn't immediate align with them. 

This particular person is responsible for creating a PUBLIC list of business that either didn't support Ravelry or tried to stay neutral. 

Ravelry Social Media War

Going so far as to leave negative reviews on our Facebook page, sending us hate mail both through email and private messages. 

It was pretty amazing the amount of damage Ravelry did. People were genuinely hurt and broken by their actions. I had one yarn shop call me personally. She was sobbing. She felt she had given so much to the Ravelry community and as a minority that supports our president she was devastated by their anti-Trump policy.  

So where does that leave us standing? In the same place we always have and it's pretty simple. If it doesn't bring value to your life or the lives of others you probably shouldn't post it. Can you believe we have never had issues with people attacking one another on our social platforms?

Ravelry was great social experiment. It showed that businesses really do have the power to influence people's behavior. I image they will become a talking point in the future for a wide variety academics.