The Hobo Sorcerer FREE Pattern

Posted by Angela Yarnicorn on Mar 25th 2019

The Hobo Sorcerer FREE Pattern

The newest pattern from Humble Acres has arrived!

The Hobo Sorcerer Scarf is an easy to intermediate knit pattern that uses both our Humble DK yarn and our luxury hand spun Be Sweet yarn to create a whimsical scarf in a rainbow of color options. For our test scarf we used Bloobies on Humble DK and our Be Sweet Magic Ball in Smoke. 

Please read the following all the way through.

For this pattern you will need size 11US/8mm knitting needles. Circular or straight will both work.

You will also need a darning needle to weave in ends.

Start by casting on 30 sts with your Humble DK

Row 1 & 2: Knit across

Row 3 : k1, YO, k1 repeat to the end

Row 4: k1, drop YO, k1 repeat to the end 

Row 5: knit across 

Repeat rows 3-5 1x

The remainder of the pattern is 3-5 repeat, switching to the magic ball for 1 pattern repeat every 2 repeats. 

Row 3-5 Humble DK 

Row 3-5 Humble DK

Row 3-5 Magic ball 

Row 3-5 Humble DK 

Row 3-5 Humble DK 

And so on.

The magic ball has 8 to 10 different yarns for each section and if tassels are preferred cut and seperate at joins to set aside for the end. Blocking with weights is important to achieve the final look. I found draping over a towel rod or shower curtain with hangers hooked in the end stitches worked best.Once blocked use the remaining yarn to make 14 inch lengths( 6 for each set with as many sets as you like) to make your tassels