Ok... What is this stupid Twitch.Tv thing?

We have been blabbing about Twitch.tv for over a year and people are so confused as to what twitch is and why we would do such a thing. I will try to make as much sense as possible in this blog entry. *laughs nervously*  

Almost two years ago I started to do Facebook Live videos. I would dye yarn live on Facebook and people could come and watch, chat, make fun of me, etc. Seems pretty simple right? Well, not really. Due to copyright laws any music, tv, or radio playing in the background would cause my live feeds to be shut down. I tried tagging the pandora stations, tried tagging the record labels. I tried everything to appease the copyright overlords so they would stop shutting down my live feeds. Nothing was working - except working in silence and that was not gonna fly with me. 

That was when my husband suggested Twitch.tv. They had recently opened their platform to creative artist of any kind. So we jumped in and wow... NO ONE WAS WATCHING... I felt completely defeated. While I had 50-100 views on Facebook, working in complete silence was misery for me. On the other hand, feeling free in my own workspace with no one to enjoy it with was equally miserable. 

Let's fast forward to now. Needless to say I stuck with Twitch.tv. Since creating our live show we have expanded to three shows a week with more broadcasting plans for the future. We have also created a loyal following of over 200 people with nearly 25% being subscribers. It has created a place for our customers to come and meet us in person. A place to ask questions in real-time without long holds listening to elevator music. It has become an integral part of what Humble Acres Yarn is and we want to share that with you.

Now I would like to help you join in on the fun!


Step ONE-A.... Do you have Amazon Prime? If yes, please follow the instructions provided by Amazon.com to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime. Link Amazon Prime ( If no please skip to step ONE-B)

Once you login and link your Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime you are given the option to have one FREE Twitch.tv Subscription. Go to Twitch.tv/HumbleAcresYarn and click the purple SUBSCRIBE  button. Select the first option with is to use your FREE Twitch Prime subscription. This will get you our Tier One Subscription absolutely FREE!! YIPPIE!!! Please note that some of our subscribers have stated that you need to manual resubscribe each 30 days so we recommend setting a reminder on your calendar so you never miss a broadcast. 

Step ONE-B... Go to Twitch.tv/HumbleAcresYarn and click the purple SUBSCRIBE button. 

Step TWO.... Select your subscription. 

Tier 1 $4.99

1. Ad- Free viewing

2. Colorway naming

3. Access to our Subscriber ONLY Facebook group

4. Special Subscriber ONLY giveaways

Tier 2 $9.99

1. All of Tier 1

2. Group Dye Sessions (have you orders dyed live)

3. Scaled Cart discount( 5-30% off)

Tier 3 $24.99

1. All of Tier 1&2

2. 1 Free** ball of Mulberry Meadow each month of subscription (you choose the color)

3. Buy 2 Get 1 Free on regular store items*

*Limited edition kits and/or product are not eligible for Buy 2 get 1 Free.

**Free North America Shipping. International subscribers are responsible for all taxes and duties.

Once you subscribe please request to join this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/207930613308716/

Step THREE... Sit back and enjoy the fun!

Don't want to subscribe, but still want to watch? Not a problem at all! Twitch.TV allows you to follow our stream page at no cost and our followers are eligible for special giveaways during the show also! So make sure you select the green FOLLOW button so you never miss our broadcast.

Hope to see YOU at our next show!