Luffas are for men #masulinen

My first tour to Iraq was in 2007. Seems like just yesterday – not a decade ago. Funny story tho. I had a team Sergeant, a truly incredible man and someone that I learned invaluable lessons from. He had done seven or eight tours before this and had taken me under his wing – not because he had to because of our service, but because we chose to grow a bond that that I’ll never forget. We slept, worked, ate, shaved, and showered at the same time. On one of these days to the bathroom, I see that he has one of the those fluffy, luffa things that apparently, I thought, only women used. Sgt wasn’t much of a push over or feminine in any way – he was strong, intelligent, CONFIDENT man and I thought there no place for such a ridiculously red luffa in his life. So I ask him about it, I ask why on earth was he using that thing. He tells me that after all of his tours, he’s learned to treat himself at least one day out of the week. Find something that you like, no matter how small and hold onto it – if you don’t, you’re gonna go fucking crazy here. So every Friday he would take his red luffa to the bathroom and “lather that bad boy up” – it was his treat to himself, every Friday, in Iraq. This stuck with me. Even until this day. It’s important we have something for ourselves and even more important that we’re able to find that something – something objective to hold onto. It gives us balance. For a brief period of his life, his Friday luffa was his treat to himself. Whats yours?