Ignorance, The New Way to Market

Posted by Cody on Jul 26th 2019

Ignorance, The New Way to Market

Lets try something together. If you would,  please go call the company that you purchased your CBD from, and ask them how they've formulated their recommended dosing.

In other words, what is their dosing based on? Research? A blog like this one? Or, my favorite,  "everyone is different, and its trial and error".

1-3 drops under the tongue, 2-4 drops under the tongue, 1 tablet under the tongue, or 2-4 soft-gels twice a day.

 A quick search, or maybe from experience, and you'll see that these are some of the most popular ways to ingest CBD. The companies behind them also seem to have a few things in common: The dosing seems to be based off of what the next guy is doing; the dosing is entirely too little, and for whatever reason, companies are advising people to take CBD orally and consequently decreasing the bio availability.

What’s wrong with this? Just about everything.

Let's look at a few pieces of information and how it differs from the main stream dosing and application.

1. Cannabinoids are hydrophobic, they repel water. Our saliva is 98% water.

2. Because of the above, taking CBD orally decreases bioavailability.

You simply lose effectiveness by ingesting cannabinoids this way - that is, UNLESS they are nano emulsified. But let's be realistic, chances are the CBD you’re taking or thinking about taking isn’t.

Let's use a 1500 mg, 2oz, 60 mil bottle of CBD oil - this seems to be the most popular. Let's break this bottle down.

1. $100 for 1500 mg in 60 mil

2. One full dropper is 1 mil

3. There is approx 30mg of CBD per dropper

4. If you count them, as I did, you get approx 35-40 drops per dropper/mil

5. Making it easy 1mg of CBD/ 1 drop

Most are recommending a range of “drops” under the tongue per day. This range is between 1-12.

This means that the recommended dose is a mere 1mg - 12mg per day of CBD. The issue is, this is simply not enough. There is no research suggesting such low doses of CBD are therapeutic. It’s actually quite the opposite.

So where is this coming from? Again, it seems as if companies are doing exactly what consumers are doing; googling “cbd dosing” and implementing the advice from the first blog they see.

Seriously, go do it. Google “CBD dosing” and see what you get. Even those that have sold CBD for years have yet to come out with guidance on the subject.

Combine the high price, low dosage, and oral ingestion, no wonder people are pissed. We’re spending hundreds of dollars on a product that we’re not only ingesting ineffectively but not enough of.

So what do we know? Lets take it from the experts.

The World Health Organizations Expert Committee on Drug Dependence held its 39th meeting in November of 2017 and reviewed Cannabidiol.

This is what they had to say in regards to bioavailability and application: “Probably due to its poor aqueous solubility, the absorption of CBD from the gastrointestinal tract is erratic, and the resulting pharmacokinetic profile is variable. Bioavailability from oral delivery was estimated to be 6% due to significant first-pass metabolism.” This reiterates the oral ineffectiveness of ingesting CBD orally, and yet this is the norm. Take 6% of those 5 drops and we are receiving even LESS of the available CBD.

This is what they had to say about dosing: “A wide range of oral doses have been reported in the literature, with most from 100-800mg/day.” And they are correct, the literature and research show therapeutic doses ranging from a couple hundred on up to 1,000mg/ day. Even the highest current recommendations don’t come close.

GW Research just conducted a Phase I, randomized, placebo controlled study using doses up to 6,000mg. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6223703/

Does this mean we take these doses? Absolutely not. However, it does show the inaccuracies of the current market. It shows a lack of initiative by those selling CBD products. The few drops people are putting under their tongue trying to relieve a lifetime's worth of pain isn’t enough. But neither is sitting and staring at our phones all day.

Putting it in perspective. If you were to take 300mg/day, that 1500mg bottle would last you less than a week. You’d be spending nearly $600/month on CBD. The current mark up on CBD products it nearly 10-fold and in some case 20-fold.

Don’t believe me? Contact a wholesaler and get yourself a quote for wholesale CBD oil, or CBD isolate.

It's ridiculous.

Where do we go from here?

Well, let’s start with why we should be using CBD in the first place.

1. Every one of us has an endocannabinoid system (eCBs) already existing in our bodies that has the same mechanisms of function. i.e. interactions with cell receptor sites.

2. It’s the largest receptor system in the body and is responsible for bodily homeostasis through its interactions with the other systems.

3. Health is not just being symptom free. Health is a certain balance, its physiological homeostasis. So, we have a system in our bodies, a tool of sorts and it’s the largest of its kind. It's directly responsible for our health through physiological homeostasis, but its not being activated......the better question is: Why isn't EVERYONE taking CBD?

There’s a reason that our product is 1/5 the cost of others. If someone is looking for relief with CBD they obviously need a therapeutic dose - and according to the literature examined by the World Health Organization (and others) those 1-3 drops under your tongue aren’t it.

We recommend 2-3 mg/kg of body-weight starting out. We recommend oral ingestion and topical application to ensure therapeutic doses are achieved. Its difficult for some to rub 200mg of CBD on their skin - this is where the oral ingestion comes in even though the bio-availability decreases (applying topically along with ingesting orally to achieve a theraputic dose is much different than just ingesting a minimal CBD dosage orally).

The solution to oral ingestion is nano emulsification - this provides the cannabinoid a transport system that’s easily absorbed into the body. We are currently working on obtaining the equipment needed for this.

So why aren’t companies recommending something along the same lines? There may be a few reasons and I am most certainly looking to hold a conversation with those interested.

1. They aren’t reading the literature.

2. The literature they are reading is the next guys blog post from 3 years ago

3. Increasing dosages would mean they would have to cut their price drastically, or a good portion of their customer base would leave (they would lose money). 100$ for 1000mg bottle that lasts a week? It’s safe to say the majority of people aren’t going to bite

4. Too many perceived unknowns. Too many risks. (There are risks associated with everything)

Just as I have a responsibility to those that read this, in recommending 2-3mg/kg of body-weight, those companies also have a responsibility to provide accurate information in regards to how they are recommending their doses.

This article is more of an open letter and call to action to companies that either don't know why they are recommending the doses they are, or is leaving it up to the individual through “trial and error”.

I would like to leave with this.

For CBD to have as much value possible, we must be consistent in the administration of it. Although I have no doubt that CBD will bring value to your life, CBD is not the end game or cure all. Our goal is to effectively incorporate as many beneficial habits into our lives as possible. Our success is a series of small decisions, made consistently over time. Just as we use CBD for its benefits, we also need to hydrate, prioritize sleep, engage in physical activity, and exercise our brains.