Expensive Yarn!!!

Topic of the day...

Why is hand dyed yarn so expensive?

I want to start this conversation by saying every yarn has a place. No matter how expensive or cheap a true fiber artist has a place for them.

So let's talk hand dyed yarns. What's with these prices?! Simply put yarn is not see to most as a necessity of life.( even though we are all wearing it in some shape or form) Most people see a $30 hank of yarn and immediately say, "oh I can get it cheaper at {Insert major chain store}"

However, they never will.

Here's why...

Acrylic yarns are man-made and more so in today's age machine made. When you cut out the human/animal cost you reduce your overhead drastically. Thus make a product available at an incredibly low price. Let's take a look at the cost of no name acrylic yarn. We'll say $10 for 300 grams of bulky acrylic. That is the price you pay at the major chain store. That yarn was likely produced (by machines) in a factory on giant rolls that was then divided(all by machines) into smaller batches. This level of production is not possible with natural fibers.

Now let's look at the cost of undyed yarn.

Depending on the type of fiber and quality of the fiber a single hank of undyed yarn goes for $2 to $13.